Nutritopia is a wellness and weight loss program for women who have tried everything but have never been able to gain balance in life or maintain weight loss. Nutritopia provides women the opportunity to overhaul their lives by giving them the tools, confidence, relationships, and knowledge to implement lasting, positive change.

While the goal of short term weight loss is often what attracts clients to Nutritopia, we quickly teach them our message: Women who focus on wellness will lose weight, keep it off, and thrive in most areas of life, while women who lose weight at the expense of wellness will often regain the weight and suffer losses in other areas of their lives.

Practically every overweight or unhealthy woman out there knows exactly what it is that she should do in order to lose weight and get well. If it were that easy, we’d all be fit and well. The problem is that it’s so difficult to figure out how to make ourselves do what we know we should. We've gotten to where we are because we all struggle with physical and emotional obstacles that fight against us trying to change the “status quo”. This is why it’s so hard to reach our goals, no matter how true our intentions.

Dr. Wendy Hookman created Nutritopia to solve this problem. Board-Certified in both Obesity Medicine and Psychiatry, Dr. Hookman has devoted her career to understanding the experiences, problems and struggles of women. Over 13 years of practicing medicine, she realized that for many patients, their struggles with weight were tied to their inability to identify or understand how and why they were unintentionally but actively sabotaging themselves.

Through many hours and years of individual psychotherapy, Dr. Hookman found she was able to help her patients gain insight into their self-sabotage and she was able to teach them tools to engender change but too often it just wasn’t enough to get them where they wanted and needed to be. It wasn’t until she started working with women in groups, however, and she saw these same patients and many others like them breaking through lifelong obstacles at a remarkable pace, that she realized she’d been missing three necessary therapeutic tools, namely, answerability, magnanimity, and community.

Dr. Hookman observed that many women, especially mothers, will rarely do anything perceived as benefiting only themselves no matter how badly they want to or even need to, but that perception can change when a woman sees herself reflected in the eyes of trusted peers. “I know of no stronger power than that of a group of women on a mission,” she says, “and NutriTopia is simply a mechanism for harnessing that power for positive change.”

In Nutritopia’s introductory program, a carefully selected group of diverse but compatible women, led by a professional and experienced therapist,  join together to tackle obstacles to wellness and weight loss like stress, lack of life balance, unwanted or unprocessed emotions, and unhealthy relationships, to name a few. Together, they learn about and practice specific tools designed to help them go through, not around these obstacles, often negating the need to self-sabotage. Group members set appropriate individual and group goals and then cheer each other on as they meet them.

The introductory program consists of five weekly 90-minute group sessions with with constant monitoring and support. 

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