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Could I Benefit From Talk Therapy?

Could I Benefit From Talk Therapy?

We all experience personal challenges and high levels of stress these days and on multiple fronts. We have stress at work where we may be trying to get recognition for our efforts or we want to get ahead. We have issues at home perhaps with difficult teenagers or overbearing parents. Our relationships can be challenging, from our bosses to our partners and spouses to friends and family members. And how we see ourselves, how we deal with our stress, and how we manage our lives can be a challenge. Taking on the world each day can leave us feeling empty and unprepared or unable to handle the demands on us. It can sometimes leave us feeling lost without the ability to cope with it all.

Talk therapy, or psychotherapy, can be a solution and a safe place to help work through the life and personal issues you may be trying to manage. People from all walks of life use talk therapy as a way of helping them grow and better handle all the challenges that life creates. Professional therapy can give you honest and unbiased feedback on your issues, whether or not you might benefit from medication, and it can help provide the tools to better handle tough situations as they arise. It’s also a wonderful way to see yourself in an honest light and better understand your own strengths and shortcomings as well as how to move forward.

If any of the following apply to you, you might consider talk therapy:

• I have had communication issues in my last few relationships
• I frequently argue with my spouse/family/kids
• I am no longer motivated by anything
• I need to be more assertive and less fearful
• I can no longer manage my stress
• I have not moved on from a recent death or trauma in my life
• I need to talk about and deal with an issue from my past
• My emotions seem out of control lately
• Is my behavior normal

If you are experiencing challenges that leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, finding a therapist is an extremely healthy step in the right direction.

Seeking professional therapeutic help is a smart choice that can provide you with the perspective and feedback you need to help you overcome your challenges and improve your skills for coping and for moving in a healthier direction, to live a happier life. Contact Washington Center for Women’s and Children’s Wellness for an appointment at 301-881-9464.

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