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Stress and Anxiety from Life Transitions Specialist

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Change is hard and can send you through extreme emotions. Whether you’re newly single or adjusting to life in a new city, life transitions can have you feeling a bit lost. Our psychiatrists and psychotherapists at WCWCW in Bethesda, Maryland, provide counseling for these life transitions. They help you understand your feelings and provide strategies to help you adapt to your new normal. Call our office or book an appointment online. We provide We provide the same high-quality service via telehealth for patients living in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Michigan, and Florida.

Life Transitions Q & A

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Life Transitions

What are life transitions?

Life transitions include any major change in what you consider your “normal” life. Examples of life transitions include:

  • Moving to a new city
  • Marriage
  • Addition of a new baby
  • Ending of a long-term romantic relationship 
  • Divorce
  • Starting a new job
  • Being diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • Menopause
  • Entering the “empty nest” phase of your life
  • Retirement

Whether the life transition is positive or negative, the change may affect your emotional and mental well-being. You may be okay with the change, but it may take your mind some time to adapt.

When should I seek help for life transitions?

If your life transition is affecting your mental or emotional well-being and your ability to manage your day-to-day routine, then you should seek help from the experts at WCWCW.

You may also want to seek help for your life transition before it happens. Change causes stress, which may lead to depression, anxiety, or fatigue. 

Getting the support and tools you need to adapt to your life transition before it happens may prevent health complications, such as an adjustment disorder. 

An adjustment disorder is a psychiatric condition that occurs when a major life transition disrupts your coping mechanisms, making it hard for you to adjust to the change. An adjustment disorder affects mood, habits, and sense of well-being.

WCWCW provides comprehensive care for adjustment disorders. 

What can I expect during therapy for life transitions?

Your clinician at WCWCW customizes your life transition therapy to match your situation and needs. They conduct a thorough clinical exam to assess your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

If you have severe symptoms of a psychiatric condition, they may prescribe psychiatric medication to help you feel better.

They also provide psychotherapy, using various therapeutic techniques so you can better understand the source of your emotions and develop coping mechanisms and strategies to help you adapt.

Depending on your life transition, your clinician at WCWCW may suggest individual, couples, family, or group therapy. Meeting with other people going through the same life transition as you may help you learn new ways of adapting to your life transition. It may also help you feel less alone. 

Life transitions cause stress that may affect your relationships and emotional well-being. For help managing your life transition, call WCWCW or schedule a consultation online today.